Meet Adrianna

When I was 29 weeks pregnant we found out from my OB/GYN at Melrose Wakefield Hospital that our baby had an abnormal heart beat and we would need to get an Echo-cardiogram at Tufts Medical Center. It was after that first ECHO that we found out that our baby had a congenital heart defect called Tetrology of Fallot. We had ECHOs scheduled every month at Tufts until our baby was born. Looking back, it was neat to have so many because we now have tons of ultra sound pictures from the whole pregnancy. My care was transferred from that point to Tufts Medical Center.

When we first found out the diagnosis we went from 'excited' and 'can't wait until our baby arrives' emotions to being in shock. We didn't know what to think. We were scared, nervous, upset and anxious and often wondered if our baby would make it. We didn't expect this at all, so the first thing that went through our minds was that we failed, that we did something wrong to cause this. We wondered why us? It took us a while to accept the reality that we would be having a baby with a heart defect. Many people may not admit to having those feelings, but we want to really let people know in case they feel the same way and maybe we can help them get through something like this if they ever experience it. So, as time went on and we learned more about this defect and got to see more ultra sound pictures and finally got to see we would be having a girl we kind of pushed the heart defect aside in a way and became excited about having a baby again and also felt so blessed to be having a baby girl. As my due date came closer and after having a baby shower we just kept getting more excited. This was going surely going to be a new life for all of us.

My new OB/GYN told us that because of the baby's heart defect they wanted to induce me a couple of days early. Originally our baby girl would have arrived on Saturday, June 23rd 2012, but I went to the hospital on Monday, June 18th, 2012. My water broke Monday
night and just as the baby was about to be born she flipped at the last second and I had to have an emergency C-section. Adrianna Lynn was born on Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 at 9:53pm 8 pounds 5 oz and 20 & 1/2 inches long at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

Within minutes of birth Adrianna was brought to the Children's Floating Hospital at Tufts to be monitored in the NICU. She was actually looking "good!" Well, good for a baby with a heart defect, so they told us that we would be able to bring her home 8 days after being born. We thought that was great but also very, very scary. For us being first time parents and now having a baby with a heart defect we were really nervous.

We did it! We brought her home and things went pretty well. Adrianna continued to be monitored by her Cardiologist at the Floating Hospital. He told us that she would most likely need open heart surgery when she was 2-3 months old. We were ok with that because she needed to get repaired, but we also got very nervous as the time came closer. A week before it was time to have surgery we received a call from Adrianna's Cardiologist saying they didn't have space to fit her in for surgery at Tufts at the time she needs it, but she couldn't wait longer to have it. We were so scared and didn't know what was going to happen. Her Cardiologist said that they would have to transfer her to another hospital. Oh great; after all her care was at the Floating Hospital, we were moving? Her Cardiologist said we would go to Boston Children's Hospital. Clueless as we are we had no idea about Children's. I ended up looking it up and saw that it is actually the #1 Children's Hospital in the world for Cardiology. As much as we loved Tufts and the Cardiologist department there it was a blessing in disguise that she got transferred to Children's for surgery and in the end, we transferred all of Adrianna's care there.

On August 23, 2012 at just 2 months old Adrianna had her first open heart surgery to repair her case of Tetrology of Fallot. Her surgery went extremely well. The staff called her a super star and rock star. She only ended up being in the hospital for 6 days. After surgery she continued to get monitored every 2 months. When she was 8 months old the Cardiologist asked for her to have a cardiac catherization to go in and look around to see how things were going. Things were looking great after that procedure. Adrianna has been doing so good lately. She is only monitored every 6 months now. Her next appointment is in November. We wouldn't change a thing about Adrianna. She is the most lovable cutest little girl ever with a smile and charm that lights up the room. Adrianna will need another open heart surgery in her late teens early twenties as she will out grow her first repair and it is possible that she may need another open heart before that. We just keep hoping and praying everything continues to go as well as it has been.