Meet Devlyn

Name : Devlyn M
Born : August 31, 2012
CHD Diagnosis: Tetralogy of Fallot

Devlyn was diagnosed pre-birth with Tetralogy of Fallot. His mother Holly was referred to a pediatric cardiologist at 22 weeks into her pregnancy after several unsuccessful images of Devlyn's heart. Additional testing during Holly's pregnancy was done to rule out any other potential heart defects. Devlyn's Dad, Dave, was born with an Atrial Septial Defect which was repaired at the age of 7.

Devlyn was born August 31, 2012 at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. The NICU team was waiting for him in the room when he made his arrival into the world; they immediately took him to be evaluated. He was released from the hospital September 4th but during his stay several tests were performed to insure his heart wouldn't need to be repaired immediately. Thankfully Devlyn was able to wait and grow for several months before his repair. During his stay in the NICU numerous blood tests were performed as well as an evaluation from the hospital geneticist. Several weeks later at an appointment with the geneticist his parents found out that Devlyn was born with a genetic disorder, believing to be the cause of his CHD.

Devlyn was otherwise healthy until his repair surgery on December 10, 2012. The surgery took place at Maine Medical Center and was performed by Dr. Reed Quinn (other wise known as "The Miracle Maker" to the McCarthy Family). Devlyn only had to stay 5 days in the hospital before going home. He did develop Bundle Brach Block post-op, and has had several delays with some of his milestones, but he is definitely making up for lost time in the past year. Develyn is now talking and walking... okay it's more like running. He is a happy little guy who loves trucks, trains, and anything that he can make move. He has a real appreciation for life and lives it to its fullest.