Super Giovanni's Prom of a Lifetime


Giovanni was born in June 2010 diagnosed as single ventricle with heterotaxy. He had two open-heart surgeries within his first 6 months of life; two LADD’s surgeries to correct his intestinal malrotation due to his heterotaxy diagnosis; and then two more open-heart surgeries before he turned 6 years old. Gio's official diagnosis is DORV, Asplenia with Heterotaxy and Pulmonary Vein Stenosis.

Gio is more than awesome, he is a miracle on legs. He is cute, smart, funny, kind, loving, and just lights up any room he enters. He can melt your heart with a simple hello. He loves playing with cars, trucks, trains, and other toys, watching his iPad, singing songs, and playing with his little sister Carmen. He loves to run around and just be a boy.

Gio is and has always been a fighter. He has overcome so many odds in his six years, but as you probably know, over the past year, things have changed for Gio. He spent almost the entire year in and out of the hospital and closely monitored. As he enters 2017, he is facing the most challenging time of his life. Gio's pulmonary veins are limiting his activities and his quality of life and there are (sadfully and heart-breakingly) no good treatments that can help him to get better. He receives 24-hour constant care from his mother, his family, his friends, and now Hospice nurses.

With Gio's cousins, we planned a Prom to make memories and raise funds to help Chris and Maya get through the day-to-day a little less stressed. We hope that not having to worry about a few medical and personal expenses will be a great help to make their time at home easier to handle. Gio's care is daunting and exhausting, but we know Chris and Maya will do whatever Gio needs, so thank you for making things a bit easier during this challenging time.

God Bless and keep praying for a mega-miracle!

Super Giovanni's Prom of a Lifetime
Sunday, February 12, 2017, 12-4pm
Danverport Yacht Club Grand Ballroom
161 Elliott St
Danvers, MA 01923
$50 per adult and children under 12 are free

Click here to reserve your spot:

Tickets can be purchased at the door; ahead of time by check, payable to The Maggiore Family; or online at
Please mail checks with the number of adults and children attending to:

c/o It's My Heart New England
PO Box 111
Danvers, MA 01923

Sunday, February 12, 2017 - 12:00
Danversport Yacht Club